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The ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error disrupts a user’s ability to access a website by interfering with the standard loading procedure. This problem commonly occurs when Google Chrome detects a change in the user’s computer IP address, often influenced by the usage of a VPN or proxy server.

Causes That Are Potentially Responsible:

  1. Caching in web browsers
  1. Browser editions/versions
  1. Browser settings that are not compatible
  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  1. Domain Name System (DNS)
  1. Components of a network

What Could Be The Root Cause Of This Problem?

The ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error is unique to Chrome and can arise when there’s an unexpected change in an employee’s network connection status. This issue is primarily associated with the Chrome browser rather than the underlying operating system, making it possible to encounter it on various platforms, including different versions of Windows and macOS. Additionally, the specific version of the Chrome browser being used may influence the occurrence of this error, so it’s advisable to contemplate updating it to the most recent version.

Typically, this situation arises as a singular occurrence involving a specific device accessing online (or internal network) destinations that have undergone alterations since the previous visit. In such instances, individual solutions can be implemented as described below.

If this occurrence is widespread, contemplate the subsequent inquiries:

  • Was your web browser recently subjected to an update?
  • Has the network experienced modifications leading to an alteration in the route or course required to reach the website’s destination?
  • Do the devices utilize a preconfigured proxy server to reach their intended destination?
  • Has the intended destination, typically a website, been modified or altered?

Strategies For Defining The Scope Of This Problem:

The initial stage involves defining the problem’s scope to gauge its severity or prevalence.

Navigating Through Applications:

Analyze Application Reliability Dashboards to Identify Breakdown Patterns and Correlations, Such as Identifying Common Errors on:

Narrowed Focus On Particular Use Cases:

In this case, the aim is to comprehend the alterations that have occurred in relation to a specific web application.

Particular Operating System And Browser Edition:

Utilizing Nexthink,err_network_changed analyzes the performance of different browser versions to determine whether any recent changes or updates have occurred in the operating system or browser software that could be impacting performance.

Nodes Within A Precise Hierarchical Structure:

If there is an issue stemming from an infrastructure element like a network alteration or a proxy server adjustment, it is probable that it will manifest in a particular section of the hierarchy, err_network_changed  exhibiting a notable increase in error occurrences.

Key Pages Or Specific URLs:

It appears that a modification has been implemented within the web application. Kindly reach out to the appropriate support team for the application and inform them regarding the problem…

Limit the discussion to specific time frames only.

Explore whether this incident should be treated as an isolated occurrence requiring investigation or if it represents a recurring issue possibly caused by network elements like corporate backups affecting network availability.

Navigating With Nexthink Finder (Classic)

Examine the route taken to reach the website to determine whether the connection is influenced by a corporate network element such as a proxy server or router. Err_network_changed Employees may need to present a legitimate business justification to request access or acknowledge the imposed restrictions.

In this scenario, you can utilize the Applications console to identify unsuccessful connections and initiate an inquiry through Finder. By specifying the website’s URL as a filter in Finder and examining all interactions related to that domain or site, Finder provides valuable information about the extent of the problem.

When dealing with a potential proxy server issue, Nexthink Finder can provide valuable insights for a more comprehensive understanding of its involvement. One can initiate an investigative process specifically focused on the domain name associated with the problematic application. During this investigation, the primary objective is to determine if a predominant proportion of device traffic is routed through a specific proxy server. Alternatively, one can opt to place the proxy server at the core of the investigation. In doing so, it becomes possible to leverage Nexthink Finder to extract and present a variety of analytical data, err_network_changed  such as the frequency of failed requests or response times originating from the proxy server. By adopting this approach, any unexpected or anomalous behaviors related to the proxy server can be uncovered and addressed effectively.

Potential Resolutions:

Important: Prioritize Scoping Procedures; Consult The Steps Outlined Above

Consider the Extent of Influence When Implementing Remedial Measures with Nexthink. When addressing issues on an individual device or a small subset of devices, it’s possible to execute Remote Actions discreetly in the background, err_network_changed  thus aiding affected employees without disruption.

If the scope of the incident indicates a widespread nature, increased attention will be necessary. We suggest utilizing Engage Campaigns to ensure that employees affected by these changes via remote actions receive visual notifications, as they may not be aware of these actions occurring.

Please Refresh The Page:

Refreshing the webpage can serve as a rapid solution to resolve issues, as the underlying problem is typically transient. You can achieve this by pressing CTRL+F5,err_network_changed  a universally effective command across most browsers, or consult your documentation if necessary.

Purge Cached Data:

If the cache hasn’t been cleared in a while, there is a possibility that some of the files stored within it could become corrupted. Clearing the cache can be a beneficial solution. Choose the “Basic data clearing option” if the user wants to keep their saved passwords and other personalized data intact.

Utilize remote actions to perform cache clearance on Edge or Chrome (‘Remote Cache Clearing for Edge/Chrome’). This enables remote cache clearing as a means of aiding users.

Clearing the DNS cache on the client side can be beneficial if the client is attempting to access a webpage from a relocated site. Utilize the “Clear DNS Cache Remote Action” to perform this task during testing.

Ensure Your Web Browser Is Running The Latest Version:

  • The browser breakdown feature within the Applications Reliability Dashboard enables swift verification of whether the browser version is the underlying issue behind a given problem.
  • If there is a browser version concern, it is advisable to ensure that Chrome is consistently updated to ensure the most recent version is installed as soon as possible.
  • Nexthink has the capability to execute Remote Actions for application installation or removal, provided that the necessary source binaries for Chrome are provided.
  • Furthermore, if your organization utilizes SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and has a task sequence in place for uninstalling and reinstalling web browsers, you can employ the “Start Application” or “Task Sequence Remote Action” to achieve this.

Reset DNS Cache:

Clearing the DNS cache on your device removes stored DNS entries, prompting a fresh DNS lookup. If the website or page you’re trying to access has recently changed its IP address, err_network_changed  erasing all DNS records in this manner should help resolve the issue. Utilize the Remote Action Network Management for this purpose.

Verify Network Configuration:

Utilize the Remote Action ‘Get Network Configuration’ to verify the accuracy of DNS settings on your devices. In cases of incorrect settings, err_network_changed ensures the use of the correct DNS configurations by either refreshing the DHCP lease (using ‘ipconfig /renew’) when operating on a DHCP-enabled network or manually entering the accurate DNS server details into the client’s IP configuration settings when locally managing the device.

Verify The Accuracy Of The Connection Setup:

Activating a VPN for accessing the necessary DNS Servers for name resolution might be essential, particularly for remote employees seeking to connect to their company’s internal resources like the intranet. In such instances, it is advisable to ensure the employee’s VPN is active. “If unable to establish a connection, proceed to verify their access afterward. Resolving this issue can shed light on similar connectivity problems affecting other remote devices. To remind employees of this requirement, err_network_changed  consider reaching out to them through an Engage Campaign.

The widespread adoption of VPNs and proxy services is now a common phenomenon. Individuals, particularly employees, employ these tools to alter their IP addresses to gain access to restricted websites. However, transitioning between a VPN and a standard network while a web page is loading can trigger an error, as the browser detects the IP address change.

Reinitialize Google Chrome:

Restoring Chrome to its default settings can potentially resolve the problem, and this can be accomplished through the browser’s Advanced settings.

Crucial Note: Resetting the web browser will result in the loss of saved settings, bookmarks, passwords, autofill forms, and similar data.


What Is The Meaning Of The “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” Error?

Chrome shows the “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error. In simpler terms, encountering this error indicates that you possess an internet connection, but it is presently inactive. This scenario may arise due to concerns associated with the Internet Protocol (IP) address, network setup, proxy configurations, or other factors impacting your connectivity.

How Can I Resolve Network Errors In Chrome?

Resetting Google Chrome to default settings can help resolve a “download failed network error. This action disables extensions and clears your cache, cookies, settings, and other preferences.

Can A Network Reset Resolve Connectivity Issues?

Addressing Connectivity Issues: The Role of Network Reset in Resolving Problems Arising from Corrupted or Outdated Drivers, Misconfigured Settings, or Malware Infections. This procedure involves reinstalling all network components, err_network_changed  including but not limited to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and VPN adapters.

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