Uncovering Vanished Apps: How To Find Deleted Apps On iPhone

how to find deleted apps on iphone

Apps on iPhones and iPads can unexpectedly vanish due to various factors, such as accidental deletion, home screen rearrangements, intentional hiding, or device restoration with or without backups. In this comprehensive guide on how to find deleted apps on iPhone, you’ll find detailed, screenshot-illustrated instructions covering a range of methods to reclaim deleted apps on your Apple devices. Additionally, the article outlines strategies to locate missing or concealed apps through the App Store. The guide also integrates iTunes recovery solutions for individuals who still need to upgrade to version 12.7. Keep reading to explore these valuable insights.

Locate The Application On Your iPhone/IPad.

If you distinctly recall removing your Application, select this option to proceed to the following section. Alternatively, during the reorganization of your home screens, you inadvertently relocated your app or directed new app installations to be stored directly within the App Library. Here are three methods to help you pinpoint its location:

Main Display

The iPhone features several “Home Screens” accessible through right-swiping on the screen. By default, newly installed apps occupy the nearest available spot on the closest home screen. Nevertheless, how to find deleted apps on iPhone if you opt to conceal additional home screen pages, leaving only the original; any new apps will be placed within the App Library (refer to the subsequent section). This rule also applies to apps you’ve decided to hide from the main home screen.

Library Of Applications And Search Widget

The App Library interface exhibits a comprehensive collection of your phone’s installed applications, conveniently organized into folders. Additionally, this screen features a prominent search bar in its upper section. The apps are presented in a neatly ordered list upon tapping the search bar, following an alphabetical arrangement. This empowers users to effortlessly locate desired apps by entering the app’s name into the search field or scrolling through the list.

Apple’s Virtual Assistant: Siri

In contrast to the App Library, the search bar of Siri can be swiftly accessed by swiping down from any screen. This convenient feature enables you to input your search via typing or utilize speech recognition through the microphone icon. This functionality aids in locating deleted apps on your iPhone. However, diverging from the App Library, how to find deleted apps on iPhone, the search outcomes encompass more than just applications; they contain non-app files such as documents and suggested websites. Consequently, this search function offers a broader scope and is less pinpointed than the App Library’s search.

Viewing Recently Removed Apps On An iPhone

While your iPhone does not provide a dedicated “recently deleted apps” section, you can access a comprehensive list of apps downloaded from the App Store. By applying a filter to this list, you can isolate apps that are no longer present on your device, effectively allowing you to discern deleted apps on your iPhone. Follow these steps to navigate this process.

Step 1: 

 Initiate the App Store by selecting its icon.

Step 2: 

 Click on the user icon situated in the top-right corner of your display.

Step 3: 

Select “Purchased.” This action will exhibit presently installed applications, along with a record of removed apps on your iPhone and all the applications you’ve acquired using your Apple ID – encompassing downloads from various devices.

Restoring Deleted Applications On An iPhone

If you distinctly recall having deleted them, we present three distinct approaches to aid in the recovery of deleted iPhone applications. Nevertheless, for methods 1 and 2, you must possess knowledge of your Apple ID to facilitate the reinstallation of apps from your purchase history. Conversely, how to find deleted apps on iPhone method three enables retrieving deleted apps on your iPhone, even if access to your Apple ID is unavailable.

Approach 1: Recovering Removed iPhone Applications Via The App Store

The App Store retains a record of all previously downloaded apps across devices linked to your Apple ID, maintaining this history even for deleted and currently uninstalled apps. This feature simplifies the process of reinstalling removed apps, which is particularly helpful for users who may have forgotten their past selections. To recover deleted apps, follow these steps:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Access your user account icon.
  • Proceed to “Purchased.”
  • Select the “Not on this iPhone” section.

From there, you know how to find deleted apps on your iPhone, identify your desired app, and press the download button on the right to initiate the reinstallation.

Approach 2: Restoring Removed iPhone Applications via iTunes

Starting from iTunes 12.7 (macOS 10.13 High Sierra), how to find deleted apps on iPhone functionalities associated with Apps has been eliminated. Hence, this segment is intended for individuals who still need to upgrade to iTunes 12.7 or a later version. If you fall outside this category, proceed to Method 3. However, if you meet the criteria, below are the instructions to recover deleted apps on your iPhone via iTunes.

  1. Begin by linking your iPhone to your Mac computer.
  2. Access Finder on your Mac, then navigate through Applications to reach iTunes.
  3. Select your device icon and proceed to the “Apps” section.
  4. Detect the missing Application and commence its reinstallation by selecting the “Install” button.

Approach 3: Retrieving Removed iPhone Applications Using Data Recovery Software

If you lack iTunes, cannot locate your app in the purchase history, or face difficulty accessing your Apple ID, how to find deleted apps on your iPhone, the option remains to extract this information directly from your device using data recovery software. These utilities cannot only reinstate apps but also retrieve diverse data like iPhone call records, SMS messages, contacts, photos, and more.

This article will center its attention on Disk Drill for Mac. This program distinguishes itself through its intuitive user interface, how to find deleted apps on iPhone, positioning it as an exceptional option for showcasing data recovery processes to our audience. Furthermore, we have consistently achieved high recovery rates across various devices when employing this tool. The subsequent guide outlines the steps to use Disk Drill to retrieve deleted apps on your iPhone.

Procedure for Recovering Data from iPhone or iPad using Disk Drill on Mac:

  • Establish a secure connection between your Mac and your iPhone or iPad.
  • Acquire and set up Disk Drill on your Macintosh computer.
  • Launch Disk Drill by navigating to Finder > Applications > Disk Drill.
  • In the left sidebar, locate and click on “iPhones & iPads.” Choose your specific iPhone from the displayed list and then select “Search for lost data.”
  • After Disk Drill scans your iPhone, a list of located data will be presented. Since iOS app data structures vary, how to find deleted apps on iPhone it’s advisable to choose all initially.
  • Files and manually deselect any unwanted items for recovery. Subsequently, click on “Recover.”
  • Utilize the dropdown menu to designate a storage location on your Mac for the recovered files to be saved by Disk Drill. Confirm your selection by clicking “OK.”

Alternative Approach: Recovering Complete iPhone/iPad Data Using A Backup

An alternative approach to recovering iPhone applications, along with their associated app data, and how to find deleted apps on iPhone involves restoring your complete iPhone/iPad from a backup. This procedure varies based on your chosen backup method, allowing you to initiate restoration from your Mac through Finder or iCloud.

While this article won’t delve extensively into these methods, comprehensive step-by-step guides, complete with screenshots, are available for both approaches in the following resource: “Guides for Data Recovery After Factory Reset on iPhone.

Restoring Deleted Applications On An iPad

Regarding the restoration of deleted applications on iPhone and iPad, a key distinction arises: iPads can operate iPhone-designed apps; conversely, how to find deleted apps on iPhone iPhones cannot run apps tailored exclusively for the iPad. Furthermore, apps designed solely for iPads will not be visible within an iPhone’s App Store purchase history.

Apart from this distinction, the recovery procedure remains uniform. The techniques detailed in this article are universally applicable. To swiftly navigate to specific sections, refer to the provided navigation table.

Commonly Inquired Queries

 How To Restoring Deleted Apps To The iPhone Home Screen?

Swipe towards the left through your home screens until the App Library becomes visible. Upon finding the app, how to find deleted apps on an iPhone, press and hold its icon and then move it out of its current folder. Finally, place it onto your preferred spot on the home screen.

Where Can Deleted Apps Be Found On iPhones?

If you’ve moved your app away from the home screen, it’s accessible through the App Library by swiping left from your home screens.

Suppose you have removed the Application from your iPhone. In that case, you can find it in your App Store purchase history by completing these steps: Launch the App Store, how to find deleted apps on your iPhone, click on your user profile icon, choose “Purchased,” and subsequently select “Not on this iPhone. To reinstall an app from this list, tap the download button beside it.

How To Recover Deleted App Data On An iPhone: Step-By-Step Guide?

Various Approaches for Retrieving Deleted App Data on Your iPhone: Depending on the scenario, how to find deleted apps on iPhone there are multiple techniques available to recover erased app data on your iPhone:

  • Harnessing iTunes Backup Restoration: If you have previously created a backup of your iPhone through iTunes, you can recover deleted app data from that backup.
  • Employ an iCloud Backup Recovery: If you’ve used iCloud to back up your iPhone, you can recover deleted app data by restoring from your iCloud backup.
  • Employ Data Recovery Software: Even without prior backups, you can employ data recovery software to retrieve deleted app data and find deleted apps on your iPhone, provided the data hasn’t been overwritten.

It is noteworthy to mention that Method 1 and Method 2 entail substituting your iPhone’s current data with backup data. This suggests that any existing data on your iPhone will be replaced. Ensure you create a device backup before moving forward with these instructions.

How To Discovering Paid iPhone Apps: A Guide?

Locating Paid iPhone Apps: Explore Purchases on the App Store Discovering paid applications on your iPhone involves accessing your App Store Purchase History, how to find deleted apps on your iPhone where you can access download records alongside comprehensive billing information. Please proceed with these instructions on your iPhone:

  1. Access the App Store.
  2. Select the user account icon.
  3. Choose your Apple ID and log in.
  4. Click on “Purchase History.
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