AI voice generator celebrity: Who Are They additionally What Can They Do?

ai voice generator celebrity

A celebrity voice changer app is a type of artificial intelligence software that uses powerful speech synthesis technology to generate natural-sounding celebrity voices. They employ deep learning and machine learning to generate realistic vocals of famous people, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including simple pranks, adding a distinctive touch to your professional presentation, and narrating audiobooks. A punch line delivered by an AI voice generator celebrity may win a client over.

However, while there are several AI voice generator celebrities on the marketplace, not all of them are effective. If you’re seeking an AI voice generator celebrity who can generate excellent quality audio output with natural-sounding sounds, check the ones listed below.

Leading Celebrity Voice Generators for 2024

After rigorous study and comparison, we’ve prepared a list of the finest AI voice generator celebrity tools for 2024. Let us have a look.

AI voice generator celebrity

Speechify is one of the most effective AI voice generator celebrity tools accessible today. It is ranked first among its competitors in the Apple Store, with over 250,000 5-star ratings backing up its claim to be the greatest.

It offers an excellent voice collection that includes AI celebrity voices like Morgan Freeman & Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as notable voice performers like James Earl Jones (who portrays Darth Vader) and Scooby-Doo.


Lovo.AI is a widely used AI voice generator celebrity tool that is both feature-rich and enjoyable to use.

AI voice generator celebrity

The feature of Lovo is its AI, Genny, which can produce over 150 excellent-quality voices in more than 100 languages in real time. Genny can also simulate over 25 emotions, providing a high-quality voiceover performance.

FakeYou is a basic AI voice generator celebrity tool that employs deepfake technology to create celebrity AI voices. While it now supports only eight languages, it compensates with the variety of sounds it can conjure.

AI voice generator celebrity

It can now generate over 2900 accents that can impersonate actors, comedians, cartoons, online characters, and others. FakeYou also provides basic TTS functionality, such as pitch and speed adjustments for synthesized voices. 


PlayHT is another amazing AI voice generator celebrity tool for creating natural-sounding celebrity voices online. Aside from creating famous voices, it also includes a fun voice-cloned tool that allows you to create original AI sounds from your recordings.

AI voice generator celebrity

Its free edition has a substantial 2500-word limit for creating ultra-realistic human-like voice material.

TopMediai is a software program for producing natural-sounding voice-overs from text. You may also create personalized AI voices by mimicking your own or any other person’s voice.

AI voice generator celebrity

Its AI voice generator celebrity enables users to create voiceovers in the voices of celebrities which include Obama, Trump, Morgan Freeman, Spongebob, and many others. 

Why Would You Require an AI Voice Generator Celebrity?

Why utilize a celebrity’s voice to convey your text? Is it solely for imitating voices and pulling pranks? It’s entertaining to employ a well-known voice-over to create hilarious web material.

Give your pal a famous AI voice generator that mimics Kylie Jenner to brighten their dull day. It’s also excellent for creating deepfake sounds and movies to post on social media.

The second choice may be rather dubious. While amusing, deepfakes might injure the people shown in the audio samples, GIFs, and videos. Deepfake movies created utilizing modern technology might appear to be real, spreading disinformation and fake tales. So, the previous AI voice generator celebrity may not be free; let us solve an issue. Let’s look for some free AI voice generator celebrities with their benefits and drawbacks.

Top and Most Free AI Voice Generator Celebrity

A collection of the best celebrity voice AI generators to utilize in 2024 and beyond.

Vidnoz offers a free AI voice generator celebrity that can simulate famous voices or any voice you like. Free AI-generated voice copying is quick and easy!

AI voice generator celebrity

Select from a variety of AI celebrity voices, like Obama’s, to add authenticity to your work. Vidnoz distinguishes out since it supports different languages and is completely free.

If you cannot find the voice you desire, cloning can assist. Simply submit an audio sample, add text/record, and receive an individualized celebrity voice clone.

Vidnoz is also well-known for several capabilities, including an AI headshot generator, an AI face Swapper application or Deepfake generator, an AI text-to-speech tool, and more.

The benefits and drawbacks

There are no constraints on the operating system or platform; it works with any browser.A slow internet connection might cause a delay in text-to-speech conversion.
Numerous celebrity voices are available.
Completely free
The tool is regularly updated with fresh voices.

Clevguard, the leading AI voice generator celebrity, converts your voice into renowned figures such as Obama, Trump, Biden, and Musk. Clevguard is a free program that allows you to instantly generate celebrity voices. Clevguard also provides a trial period for free to utilize daily.

AI voice generator celebrity

It provides over 400 speech effects and 150+ voice jokes for enjoyment, as well as several filters. Clevguard offers a selection of free voice filters for you to check out and determine whether they’re worth utilizing.

The benefits and drawbacks

Real-time audioThe free version has limited functionality.
Plenty Memes & Voice Impacts
Voice filtering
Easy to use

Make your favorite star speak for you with’s authentic AI voice generator celebrity. Impersonating renowned voices from animated series, cartoons, politicians, musicians, and actors may help you wow others.

AI voice generator celebrity

Use’s powerful AI technology to modify the voices of celebrities such as Adele, Drake, President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

It’s completely free! The ai voice generator celebrity free application precisely copies renowned voices, allowing you to sound exactly like a genuine thing without any artificial effects. Try it and see how easily you can replicate your favorite celebrity’s voice!

The benefits and drawbacks

Easy to use.Additional features in the premium version.
Natural tones.
Various accents & languages.
Accurate vocal models.
Allowed Singing Sounds
Quick preview.

The Musicfy program utilizes artificial intelligence to convert your writing to speech that sounds like your favorite celebrity’s voice. Choose well-known voices to transform your text into compelling audio, giving your material a sense of celebrity.

AI voice generator celebrity

Whether you’re creating content, marketing, or simply having fun, our AI voice generator celebrity tool adds celebrity flair to your efforts.

The benefits and drawbacks

Customized and VariationVoices among celebrities are restricted.
Text into music
AI parodies voices.
Easy interface.
Studio-quality audio.


How do you create an AI voice generator celebrity?

Editing and re-rolling particular conversations is simple; simply alter the text and regenerate the audio.

  • Find an audio recording of the superstar speaking.
  • Upload the audio clip utilizing PlayHT’s voice cloning feature.
  • Create words based on a celebrity’s voice with TTS.

Is there an entirely free text-to-speech generators for celebrities?

FakeYou is an entirely free internet program that uses voice technology to immediately convert celebrity texts to speech. It presently has 2,335 accents to pick from, and that number is steadily increasing. The application is easy to use. Choose the voice you’d like (which you may limit by category) and type your content.

Is voice artificial intelligence (AI) safe?

They periodically send their programs to anti-virus organizations to ensure that it has no harmful code or dangerous parts. This is why they have been approved and tested by all of the top antivirus vendors, including McAfee, Google, and Avast.

Can I customize Siri to a celebrity’s voice?

Select Settings > Siri and Search. Click Siri Voice, then select another variation or voice.

Is the AI voice copyrighted?

Legal Guidelines: Intellectual Properties and Copyright Law.

The legality of employing AI-generated voices is mostly determined by property rights and copyright laws. California including New York has unique rules governing the right to publicity and the illegal use of an individual’s voice.


Voice copying, AI voices, and an AI voice generator celebrity are unquestionably shaping the future of audio entertainment.

As with other content production, deploying an AI voice generator celebrity requires a responsible strategy that respects legal constraints, obtains proper licenses, and prioritizes ethical issues. Using a reputable tool, such as ElevenLabs, is an initial step toward appropriate content formatting.

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