Telegram Without Phone Number or SIM card: Instructions

telegram without phone number

Telegram has grown in popularity due to its unique chat function that allows users to conceal their identities. You may also use the following techniques to access Telegram without phone number.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram is one of the most widely used communication applications worldwide. However, can you use the telegram without phone number? It might be necessary for you to give the service your phone number or email address in order to register for an account. Certain services require both of these.

With its features and privacy-first philosophy, Telegram is quickly rising to the top of the communication app charts. Some customers are put off by the company’s requirement that users join with a phone number. There are, however, a few solutions to this issue.

Create a Telegram Account Without Providing a Number

Similar to other messengers like WhatsApp, Google Voice, and others, Telegram will also demand a cell number in order for you to register for its services.

It also annoys legitimate users who might be reluctant to give their phone numbers for security concerns, even if it aids in preventing the formation of fake and spammy accounts.

Additionally, those without a SIM card might choose to utilize Telegram on a different iPhone or Android device. Thus, we will present you the following techniques to get Telegram without phone number or SIM card.

Take note that Telegram lets you use a user name in place of a cell number during conversations.

Method 1: Use the TextNow app to get Telegram

The simplest approach to creating a telegram without phone number is to use the TextNow app. TextNow gives its members an entirely free US or Canadian cell phone to use for account verification on Telegram.

Install the TextNow app.

The TextNow app is available for download on both the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store for Android phones. You may also download the TextNow app from the Mac Application Store or the Microsoft Store on your PC.

Install TextNow and Write down the number

After downloading TextNow, launch it and follow the on-screen directions to configure it. During the Setup procedure, TextNow will ask you to select your complimentary number. Your free TextNow cell number must be typed into Telegram, so please write it down.

telegram without phone number

If you have forgotten to write down your phone number, launch the TextNow app on your phone and press the three lines symbol to view your number.

telegram without phone number

Open TextNow on your Windows or Mac computer and select the People tab to view your TextNow phone number. That’s right, you now have a phone number and can use it to verify your TextNow account.

Install the Telegram App

The Telegram app is available for download on both the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. Once the software has been downloaded, open the Telegram application and select Start Messaging.

Fetch the verification code for the Telegram

Choose the same Country as your TextNow Phone Number on the following screen, then enter it and click “Next.”

telegram without phone number

Your TextNow Phone Number will now get a verification code from Telegram.

Check Telegram With Your TextNow Number

When you launch the TextNow app, a Telegram verification code will appear. If for any reason you are not seeing the verification code, wait until Telegram contacts your TextNow number. When Telegram contacts your TextNow phone number, open the TextNow app and respond to the call for a verification code as soon as it appears. Open the Telegram app and provide a verification code.

Complete the Telegram Setup

Once Telegram has validated your number, you can finish creating your profile by including a profile description and image. This method is very easy for using a telegram without phone number.

Method 2: Use a Landline Number to Verify the Telegram

To use Telegram, you can use your landline number rather than your cell number. Most people assume that using Telegram would need providing a cellphone number; however, you may use your phone to authenticate it instead.

In Telegram: Enter your landline number

Open the Telegram app, choose your country, input your landline phone number, and then hit Next to get a verification code.

Wait for your landline number to be called by Telegram

It will take at least two minutes for the telegraph to contact you since Landline Numbers cannot receive text messages. After two minutes, Telegram will automatically contact your phone number and play the verification code again in an automated voice.

Insert the Telegram Verification Code

You must enter the verification code from your phone call into Telegram in order to finish the phone verification process. Once this number has been verified, you can finish the Telegram Setup by adding your name and uploading a profile photo. Its a quick method to use a telegram without phone number.

Method 3: Confirm Telegram with a Google Voice Number

If you live in the US, you may use your Google Voice number to check Telegram after registering for a free number.

Install Google Voice

You may download Google Voice from the Google Play Store, the app store on your iPhone, or your Android phone.

Confirm the Google Voice number

After downloading Google Voice to your smartphone, launch the app, and when asked, provide your real phone number to confirm your Google Voice account.

In Telegram: Enter your Google Voice number

By launching the Telegram app, choosing your country, inputting your landline phone number, and hitting Next, you can get a code for verification from Telegram to the Google Voice number.

In Telegram: Enter the verification code

To finish the phone verification procedure, enter the verification code that you received via Google Voice into Telegram.

Once the phone number has been validated, you may finish configuring Telegram by entering your name and adding a profile image. This method may take a time to add a telegram without phone number.


Although it is possible to establish several accounts on telegram without phone number, each account has to be linked to a unique phone number. On the app, users are allowed to utilize a maximum of three Telegram accounts. Users may update their phone number on Telegram without losing any of the data associated with the previous number, such as contacts, media, and messages. Users can also use their previous phone number to access their account for a brief period if they are temporarily using a new number, as when traveling abroad.

Telegram users may conceal their phone numbers in private conversations or groups, among other security and privacy options. Moreover, you may use the techniques previously outlined in this post to access Telegram without phone number.

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