Mastering how to screen record on iPhone 14: A Comprehensive Guide

how to screen record on iphone 14

Are you prepared to bring your how to screen record on iPhone 14 journey to another level? Look no further than iOS 14’s excellent screen recording function. You may film and share your preferred experiences in a few simple clicks, whether a humorous TikTok clip or a breathtaking gameplay session. Say goodbye to the headache of third-party programs and join us for this step-by-step tutorial about how to screen record on iPhone 14.

An Overview of How to Screen Record on iPhone 14

In an age where online interaction reigns supreme, screen capturing has become essential. It enables us to record and share the entire sequence of activities that take place on our displays, acting as a powerful mode of communication that crosses geographical boundaries. Screen recording allows you to properly and effectively communicate your message, whether explaining a complicated procedure, documenting a digital achievement, or generating appealing material for social media.

Consider using this powerful weapon at the fingertips of your hand, directly on your iPhone. Using the iPhone 14, it’s not just a possibility; it’s a smooth, integrated function. The new iPhone 14’s recording of screens capability, which is fully embedded in its cutting-edge iOS, provides a simple and fast way to capture high-quality video footage of your displayed activities. In this post, we’ll go over the intricacies of this function and walk you through the procedure of how to screen record on iPhone 14, so you can unlock and use it to its maximum potential.

Essential requirements on how to screen record on iPhone 14

Before we begin the procedure of how to screen record on iPhone 14, make sure your device matches the requirements.

Applicable iOS and iPhone versions

Recording the screen is a built-in function on every iPhone running iOS 11 or later. This includes an extensive variety of iPhone versions, from the earlier iPhone 5s to the current iPhone 14 series. If you don’t know what iOS version your smartphone is running, head to Settings > General > About > Software Version.

Further software and hardware requirements

There are no additional hardware or software requirements for using the screen recording capability. It’s all nicely integrated into the iPhone operating system. Make sure you have sufficient storage space on the device you’re using, as video recordings may take up a lot of space, especially longer or higher-resolution recordings.

Step-by-Step Guide: how to screen record on iPhone 14

Now, let’s get to the core of this matter: how to screen record on iPhone 14 and activate screen recording.

Navigate to the Control Panel in Settings

  1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and hit ‘Control Center’

Enabling how to screen record on iPhone 14 to your Control Centre

The Control Panel menu displays a list of several controls that you may add to your Control Panel for easy access. Here’s how to screen record on iPhone 14:

  • Look under ‘More Controls’ for ‘Screen Recording’.
  • Press the green ‘+’ button right next to ‘Screen Recording’. It will shift towards the ‘Included Controls’ area, indicating that it has been included in your control panel.

Description of the Screen Recording Option in the Control Center

When you slide upward from the bottom of your iPhone’s display (or downward from the very top right side on iPhone X and subsequent models), a new icon will appear in your Control Center. It’s an area within a circle, and that is your screen recording option. A single tap initiates a screen recording, which becomes red while the recording is still in progress. To end the recording, simply touch the button again.

How To Set Up Screen Recording

Now that you’ve activated how to screen record on iPhone 14 capability on your iPhone 14, let us look at how to utilize it efficiently.

Beginning a Screen Recording

  • Swipe downward from the top right side of the screen to access the Control Center.
  • Click the Screen Capture button.
  • A three-second countdown time will begin, providing you with a limited opportunity to prepare. After the countdown is complete, whatever you do on the screen will be captured.

Capturing either with or without sounds

By default, recordings of screens do not include audio. But what if you would like to narrate the activity you’re doing or record audio via a video or game? This is how you do it:

  • Access the Control Panel.
  • Tap and press the Screen Capturing button. This displays a menu with further options.
  • To turn it on, tap the microphone symbol (which will turn red). Now the recording of your screen will include sounds from your microphone.

Ending a Screen Recording

To stop capturing, you have two choices:

  • Open Control Center and select the red Screen Capturing icon.
  • Alternatively, press the status bar in red at the very top of the screen and select ‘Stop’.

Accessing the stored Screen Recording

Once you finish capturing, the video is instantly stored. You may find it in the Photos app, the ‘Recents’ recording, or the ‘Screen Recordings’ media formats.

Tips for More Effective How to Screen Record on iPhone 14

To improve how to screen record on iPhone 14 expertise, here are a few tips and tricks:

Using Don’t Disturb Mode While Screen Recording

Enable Do Not Disturb mode to avoid interruptions from receiving calls or notifications when recording your screen. Click on Settings > Do Not Disturb and turn it on.

Important Points to Consider When Recording Audio

Remember that turning on the microphone records all noises around you as well, not just what you say. If you’re narrating, make sure you do it in a peaceful place.

Suggested Screen Orientation for Better Viewing

Before you begin recording, pick whether you would like your video in horizontal or landscape orientation. When you start recording, altering the orientation of your screen will result in a rotated video.

Highlight Touches when screen recording on iPhone 14

If you’d like to make it evident when and where you’re tapping on the screen while watching a movie, you may add an Accessible feature that displays a touch indicator:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu > Accessibility > Touch.
  • Scroll down and toggle on ‘Back Tap’.
  • Choose ‘Doubled Tap’ or ‘a triple Tap’, then scroll down and pick ‘AssistiveTouch’.

When you touch the screen, you will see a round dot emerge. To disable this function after you’ve finished recording, follow the instructions above but set ‘AssistiveTouch’ off.

Troubleshooting: Common Problems

As useful as the display recording capability is, it may occasionally cause problems. Here are a few frequent issues and solutions:

What to Consider If Screen Recording Was Not Working?

  • Check that your iPhone has the latest iOS 11 or higher, as screen recording capability is not accessible in earlier versions.
  • Check that you have sufficient storage space. If your iPhone’s storage is almost full, screen recordings may not be saved.
  • Restart the iPhone. A simple restart may often address a multitude of problems.

How to Resolve No Audio While Screen Recording?

If you don’t hear any sounds while you playback your screen recording, try the following:

  • Make sure your iPhone’s ringer/quiet switch has not been set to silence.
  • Check the audio volume in your video player. It may be muffled or extremely low.
  • Make sure you switch on the Headset Audio when you start recording (as specified in Section IV-B).

Resolving Problems with Storing Screen Recording

If you don’t see the screen recording inside the Photos app:

  • Check out the ‘Screen Recordings’ collection, which iOS makes just for screen recordings.
  • Ensure that your iPhone has sufficient storage space. If it is nearly full, screen recordings may not be saved.

A Brief Overview of Famous Third-Party Apps

Apps such as TechSmith’s Capture, Record it!, and Go Record provide extra functionality such as on-screen painting, camera support, and expanded editing choices. You may also use a third-party app to capture how to screen record on iPhone 14.

Applying a third-party tool for screen recordingEnabling Screen Recording using Siri Shortcuts
Download the desired screen recording application from the App Store.To set up a new shortcut, open the Shortcuts application and touch the ‘+’ symbol.
Open an application and follow any setup steps.Click ‘Add Action’ and choose ‘Screen Recording’.
When you are ready, begin recording within the application’s settings.You may now specify a particular phrase, such as “Start screen recording,” that, when said to Siri, will start the screen recording.
When finished, stop the recording. The video will be kept within the application, and you can generally download it to the Photos app or share it right from the third-party application.

Further Screen Recording Settings:

Let’s have a look at a few of the more complex settings available to tailor your screen recording performance.

Description of Microphone Audio Settings and Usage

As previously explained, enabling the Microphone Audio option allows you to capture external audio with your screen recording. This is very handy for explaining your actions while recording or collecting noises from the environment. However, keep in mind that this additionally records any background noises, so it works best in a calm environment.

Information about the broadcasting screen feature and its uses

The Broadcasting Screen option, which appears when you hold down your screen recording option, enables you to live broadcast your screen to applications that support this function. This might be a valuable tool for gamers, instructors, or presenters who wish to communicate their screen activity in real time.

Exploring Photos App Settings for Screen Recordings

There are a few options in the Photos App that may be beneficial when working with screen recordings.

  • Auto-Play Videos and Streaming Photos: If activated, your screen recording will start playing when you access them.
  • Loop: You may set the screen recording to play back constantly, which is useful for demonstrating a brief procedure or sequence.


1. Does the iPhone 14 offer screen recording?

Swipe up to the Control Center and choose the small white circle within the square icon. This represents the Screen Recording Button. – The recorder will begin to count down from three, and whatever activities you conduct on the iPhone will get recorded. – When you’re finished, hit the red recording countdown at the top of the screen to end the recording.

2. Do I shoot underwater via my iPhone 14?

Maximum of thirty minutes in the water.

You may rapidly dip it into the water, splash it, and carry it to the beach without risk of getting struck by a wave. However, our specialists at iSTYLE advise against filming a diving lesson, for example. At most, the iPhone can handle thirty minutes of underwater pictures.

3. Does the iPhone 14 record?

On the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can view your recording in progress on the Dynamic Island at the top of the Home Screen, as well as other apps. Tap on the dynamic island to return to Voice Memos.

4. Why does my iPhone 14 fail to record audio?

Go to Settings > Sounds menu (or the Settings menu > Sounds & Haptics) and repeatedly change the Ringtone and Alerts sliders. If you can’t hear any sound or if the speaker icon on the Ringer & Alerts slider is muted, your speaker may require service.


How to screen record on iPhone 14, an essential function of the iPhone 14, has the potential to transform how we communicate, teach, and produce digital content. We’ve explored its vast utility, from simple activities to creative and professional applications. Along the way, we’ve gone over its many settings and shows easily how to screen record on iPhone 14 into your regular digital activities.

However, like with any instrument, its full potential is realized via personal or professional application. So, we listed to you how to screen record on iPhone 14 capability. Introduce yourself to its features, play with the settings, and find its full potential. Whether you’re studying, an educator, a content developer, a gaming fan, or simply trying to improve your digital interaction, screen recording on the iPhone 14 offers up a world of possibilities.

Join us in embracing the digital era, fully using the potential of screen recording, and revolutionizing our screen-based experiences. Your digital voyage awaits, so plunge in and begin recording!

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