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google doodle games halloween

Every year, whenever autumn leaves drop and the weather becomes colder, we all become excited. Halloween is approaching, carrying with it costumes, candy, and pumpkin carving! However, for many users of the web worldwide, there is an additional exciting tradition that adds to the season: Google Doodle Games Halloween.

Google Doodles are like small festivities on one of the world’s most popular websites. They commemorate holidays and important occasions while also honoring notable artists, innovators, and scientists. These entertaining variations to the Google logos make millions of people happy, surprise them, and perhaps teach them something new.

From assisting a magical cat in battling ghosts to participating in a worldwide frightening clash, these Google games provide an intriguing, real-world experience that brings a touch of spookiness to our screens. They demonstrate how Google promotes imagination, education, and community spirit.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the search engine’s most iconic Halloween Doodles and find the magic behind them. So grab your broomstick (or mouse) and prepare to explore a variety of Google Doodle Games Halloween!!

The Great Ghoul Duel

google doodle games halloween

The Great Ghoul Duel, Google Doodle Games Halloween is a follow-up to the 2018 Great Ghoul Duel Doodle. It is a Halloween-themed interactive web game created by Google! In this spookier-than-ever version, players will receive more unexpected tricks and surprises, such as fresh characters, novel game maps, unique power-ups, and other fascinating features.

How to get started playing the Great Ghoul Duel

Choose Your Team: When in the game, select your team color and you’re all set to begin haunting!

Explore Spooky Maps: Explore a variety of eerie maps, each one presenting its own unique set of challenges and surprises.

Collect Spirit Flames: Your goal is to collect as many wandering spirit fires as you can within the allotted two-minute time frame.

Return to Home Base: After gathering spirit flames, return to your team’s base of operations to deposit them to get points.

Beware of Opponents: Be careful! Competitors can intercept spirits as they attempt to return them to their home place.

Winning the Game: The side with the most spirit fires after a minute and a half wins the game.

Multiplayer Options: You may use a personalized invitation link to organize a game with friends, or you can play with randomly selected individuals from across the globe.

Technical Details: The multiplayer feature is powered by Google Cloud Platform technologies, which have been integrated with Open Competition, a scalable matchmaking platform.

A Magic Cat Academy

google doodle games halloween
  • The game took set underwater and followed Momo the kitten on a new journey.
  • The game was separated into stages, each reflecting various depths of the sea and including diverse aquatic adversaries.
  • The stages were Sunlight Area with the Immortal Jellyfish’s Twilight Zone featuring Boops Boops, Moonlight Zone with Vampires Squid, and The Underground with Anglerfish.

In 2020, Google Doodle Games Halloween commemorated Halloween with a follow-up based on the 2016 Magic Cat Academy video game. This time around, Momo the cat embarked on a new journey underwater in the Google Doodle Games Halloween edition to defeat Big Boss ghost or its ghoul school.

The game starts with an adorable animated film of Momo fantasizing about fighting ghosts before jumping into the water with a wand of magic and a determined expression on her face. While underwater, players assume the role of Momo, who is besieged by ghouls that they can fight using spells.

The game was separated into stages, each reflecting various depths of the sea and including diverse aquatic adversaries. This fun game was not only entertaining but also connected people throughout the Christmas season. It demonstrated Google’s dedication to encouraging innovation and community spirit.

The Creature Feature

google doodle games halloween
  • The 2019 animated Halloween Doodle featured surprises from animals linked with horror movies, tales of ghosts, and Halloween décor.
  • The creatures that users saw varied depending on the entrances they chose. They might choose “trick” or “treat” to discover more.
  • Behind orange doors, participants discovered animals commonly linked with terrifying movies or ghost stories, like an owl or a tarantula.

In 2019, Google Doodle Games Halloween commemorated Halloween with an engaging animal-themed game. They called the game “Creature Feature,” and it featured surprises from creatures associated with terrifying movies, ghost tales, and Halloween décor.

The Google Doodle Games Halloween began with a brief animation showing a creepy neighborhood decorated for Halloween. Users were then shown six orange doors. Behind every entrance was a creature that is frequently seen in Halloween films. These featured an owl, a bat, a tarantula, wolves, an octopus, and a jaguar.

Clicking on the doors revealed the creatures. After opening the door, users can choose “trick” or “treat” to learn more. Those who chose “trick” were treated to entertaining animations of animals engaging in amusing behaviors. They may, for example, observe a wolf playing basketball and an owl’s head bobbing.

Those who chose “treat” were, on the other hand, given intriguing data about the animals portrayed. For example, students may learn about the three-hearted octopus and the wailing wolf.

The Google Doodle Games Halloween was both amusing and instructive. It allowed visitors to learn about various creatures while experiencing the festive mood of Halloween.

A Bubble Tea Game 

The third occasion of the news was that boba, Taiwan’s worldwide popular beverage, would enter emoji lineups.

Help a Formosan mountain dog, an indigenous Taiwanese breed, complete boba orders at his business by holding down the empty spot bar (or clicking or holding) and pouring every component up to the dotted line.

The Gerald “Jerry” Lawson 

The late Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, who pioneered the construction of the initial home video gaming system with replaceable game cartridges plus an 8-way digital joystick, would have turned 82 today.

This Doodle has five unique games that all use typical gaming goals, such as collecting every coin (or any other similar item) or attaining a flag to win—while avoiding unpleasant individuals who try to obstruct you along your path. There’s also a game similar to Atari Breakout in which players have to steer a ball that bounces and breaks through every block. The Doodle even includes an edit mode, allowing you to create your own game.


Can you still play Google’s Halloween game?

You and your kids may still get into the Halloween mood by playing the search engine’s ‘The Great Ghoul Duel’ game. Halloween’s spirit is more than simply costumes and candy; it may also refer to genuine spirits! At the very least, they were digital. Most importantly, it’s about having fun with your family.

Is Momo the cat a male or female?

Momo is the protagonist of the 2016 and 2020 games, the deuteragonist of the 2017 film, and a supporting character in the Champion Island games. She’s a black cat with large golden eyes and a gray cloak.

What is the Halloween cat game on Google Doodle?

The game follows Momo, a black cat that attends the Magic Cat Academy, a mythical school for cats. Additionally, in the game, the player takes on the role of Momo and must use the cat’s magic wand. Furthermore, to perform spells against a variety of ghosts and ghouls assaulting the school.

Are the Google Doodle games free of charge?

Since its inception in 1998, Google has grown to become the world’s most popular website and the top search engine.

What is the first-ever Google Doodle?

Burning Man Festival

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the first Doodle in 1998 as a simple method to inform people that they would be out of the office for Burning Man.


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Google Doodle Games Halloween activities are more than simply a fun activity. They celebrate innovation, technology, and a sense of community. Every year, these games unite individuals in a worldwide virtual playground. They enable us to break away from our everyday routines and have some lighter fun. As we eagerly await the upcoming game, we cannot help but admire the beauty that Google Doodle delivers to our computers every Halloween.

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