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It is no secret that certain firms employ trackers to monitor the places you go and the things you see online. You may use a browser to search for a dress online one day and then see nothing but adverts for that garment for several days. These trackers and advertising may be bothersome, so some users have turned to DuckDuckGo to counteract them.

DuckDuckGo positions itself to be a privacy-focused option for search engines such as Google. It has released iOS and Android mobile apps, browser extensions, & beta versions of their Mac and Windows browsers to help keep your data private, whether you use it on your phone or PC.

What exactly is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a fully independent firm that provides online privacy-focused solutions. Duck Duck Go Inc. is best known for its flagship product and a search engine. Since then, the firm has produced its online browser as well as third-party web browser addons that prioritize internet privacy. The name DuckDuckGo is derived from the classic children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose.

Gabriel Weinberg created the firm, which is situated in Paoli, Pennsylvania, in 2008. The startup received three million dollars in venture finance in 2011 and more funding thereafter. It makes cash by displaying advertisements in search results.

What’s the role of Duckduckgo?

The DuckDuckGo engine of search is intended to safeguard user privacy. The firm does not monitor users, store their IP addresses, or log any other identifying information. It does not keep track of its visitors’ search histories or the websites they visit. It keeps aggregate search keywords but does not correlate them with people. Because of these methods, DuckDuckGo does not have any search or browsing information to share with third-party groups like law enforcement or governments.

The firm only maintains personal information that users have willingly submitted, such as the email addresses of those who were signed up to receive the Privacy Newsletter. The company’s policy is to keep the data only as long as necessary for the stated purpose, which is consistent with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Following that, the data is erased, unless relevant laws allow it to be kept for a longer time frame.

Here are some reasons why you should use DuckDuckGo.

Prevent online trackers from snooping on you!

Online trackers are widely available on the internet. Princeton’s Website Accountability and Transparency Project discovered that Google trackers appear on around 75% of websites, whereas Facebook trackers appear on approximately 25% of sites. These trackers capture information about your interests and activities on specific websites. While this data will not identify you, research conducted by Princeton & Stanford universities found that these online behaviors, along with accessibility to your social network accounts, are sufficient to recognize you.

DuckDuckGo detects and disables internet trackers from websites such as Google and Facebook. Some search engines monitor and provide you with a comprehensive view of how your information is being used over time. 

DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, came under criticism in May 2022 when some monitoring scripts from firm partner Microsoft were discovered while using its browsers. In August of the same year, It updated its third-party safeguards to cover Microsoft scripts.

You will see fewer advertisements

When utilizing DuckDuckGo, you should encounter fewer advertisements overall.

If you conduct a Google search, you may notice advertisements in the top results. In those areas, ads may not always be present, but when they are, they’re styled similarly to regular search results, with just a bolded “Ad” and a separator dot to distinguish them. When you search on DuckDuckGo, you will see fewer advertisements and save time.

With the addition of fewer adverts on a result page, It eliminates internet trackers, so ads will not follow you throughout the web. When you embrace DuckDuckGo to search for anything specific, such as a fresh food bowl that fits your pet, you will not encounter adverts for pet bowls on other websites. These advertisements do not follow you around as a pet wanting food after you have just fed them 5 minutes ago.

Websites should load quickly on DuckDuckGo

Online trackers not only gather your data and cause advertising to follow visitors around, but they also add more data to the websites users visit, slowing down their load speed. DuckDuckGo disables this kind of tracking, frees up bandwidth, and allows webpages to load quickly. 

Your browsing history is not stored

Let’s imagine you and your significant other disagree on the way the tissue paper should hang. You suggest it should hang underneath. They claim that the trademark for toilet tissue depicts the toilet paper rolling over, which makes that the right approach. You check the patent file and see that, indeed, the toilet tissue is hanging over. You sit in shock, and now your browsing history will humiliate you. Until you either have the auto-delete tool enabled in Google or go to My Activities in Google and remove the search. 

When you use DuckDuckGo, this blemish will not appear in your browsing history since your search engine does not record searches. Every time you open this app, you get a fresh start, devoid of any previous searches. 

However, Google’s Incognito mode also keeps your search history hidden, but it does so by erasing it when you exit the window. If you do not close the tab, it will remain saved. The incognito mode still captures some personal information, such as your current location and search history. 

Your browsing history will not impact the search results

When you search for anything, Google selects the results that appear. Google displays results linked to your search that it believes you would click on according to the information it has collected about you. It doesn’t bother displaying your results since it doesn’t expect you to click. This means that if you browse for “coffee,” your top results may be the local coffee shop. Or an essay about the health advantages of coffee, or a history of coffee.

DuckDuckGo provides more comprehensive search results since it does not censor your results. Initially, Some of the outcomes are shown on the very first page of a DuckDuckGo. Query may appear on the third or second pages of a search made on Google.

Your search results may not be accurate when compared to Google because they are not personalized to you or your interests. Various visitors on Reddit have admitted to using Google for some queries after it returned irrelevant results. This may appear to be a disadvantage, yet it ultimately indicates that DuckDuckGo is functional.


Does DuckDuckGo secure to use?

DuckDuckGo is a safe alternative to popular search engines that protects your privacy and allows you to explore the internet safely. It does not monitor your history of searches or generate a user profile based on your internet activities.

Does DuckDuckGo a part of Google?

Incorrect assumptions about DuckDuckGo

We have never been linked to Google or any other organization. We’ve been an independent organization since our inception in 2008. We also don’t get any of the results we search for from Google.

What’s DuckDuckGo most commonly utilized for?

The DuckDuckGo personal browser is a privacy-focused web browser for iOS and Android that leverages WebView (Blink) on Android & WebKit on iOS. Its Private Browser automatically removes site trackers and transforms unsafe web links to HTTPS when possible.

Is DuckDuckGo an entirely free application?

DuckDuckGo has remained free for users since the beginning. Yet private search adverts have kept us successful for more than a decade. We display a vehicle ad when you browse for “car” – it’s that easy.


Have you been anxious to use the DuckDuckGo browser? Maybe you use our browser on your mobile device but haven’t tested either the Windows or Mac versions? Thanks to our most recent enhancement, Sync & Backup, now is the ideal moment to set up this search engine. As the default web browser on all of your devices. It always allowed you to import bookmarks & passwords from other browsers. But now you can discreetly sync them across several DuckDuckGo browsers.

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